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About Us


One Society Films is a couple-owned filmmaking service company based in Southern California. As a couple, we understand the importance of the little things that makes each relationship unique, and the best way to showcase such is with a video where you can hear the voices, laughter, happy tears, and cheers that create a re-livable emotion. We are passionate about working behind the scenes to capture your story so that you can fall in love all over again and again.

With over 10 years in the wedding videography industry, we are experienced in shooting various cultural and religious weddings, including Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, and many more! We are very well versed in what clients expect of us in being discreet, attentive to details, and creating a friendly, thoughtful relationship. We strongly feel that videos provide a different experience than photos as each story is to be edited by its unique narrative into a product of professional, cinematic quality. When not shooting weddings, we have other projects that involve video editing, marketing promotional videos, real estate, and special events. 

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About The Cinematographers

"My video-making career started with shooting skate videos. Then one fateful day in 2012, my wedding shooting career began. My inspiration is to always learn something new after each event so that I can push my shooting and editing skills even further. I get motivation from learning about each couple I meet. It’s a very satisfying feeling to be able to tell their story through my interpretations.


When not behind a camera, I enjoy being outdoors, especially snowboarding on the mountains, testing out my cooking abilities, or trying new foods."


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