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Client Testimonials

"Happy tears are our best compliments"

Poppy Flower


The Joinery | Chicago, IL

"One Society Films was nothing short of incredible! From beginning to end, the service, communication, organization, flexibility and final wedding video was amazing. At first, we decided that we didn't want a wedding video, but Clarence and Kiersten worked with us to understand how it can be important to have. We initially didn’t know what style wedding video we wanted, but we knew we wanted it to capture the emotion and the 'little moments.'

They took this direction and turned it into something stunning and better than we could have hoped for. They captured our laughs, our tears, and everything in-between. We gave them a lot of freedom with creative direction from shots and music and what exactly to include and they were able to capture our day perfectly. While in the process of filming, they were a great partner with our photographer and very flexible in maneuvering around to get the right shots without stepping on the other vendor’s toes. They had the vision to plan out shots and movements that they knew would capture well and were extremely easy to work with. 


If you are thinking about hiring One Society Films, you should have absolute confidence that the team One Society can deliver on what will be an amazing wedding film. Looking back, we are so happy we decided to work with them and we still get the same emotions we felt on our wedding day when we watch our wedding recap film!"

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